Our Story


Letter From The Founder

Back in October 2015 and after spending 20 years+ in the FMCG industry working for Global and Local Brands, I was offered to be the MEA Head of Business for another global corporation based in Dubai, but due to family obligations I needed to stay in KSA. I was left with a question. what to do next?

During my corporate life, I learned the value of Execution Excellence, in addition to the meaning of performance with purpose with respect to culture, diversity and inclusion.

With KSA going into the real transformation through the 2030 vision, I believed in the opportunity, and the fine line between successful and ordinary life is capturing opportunities at the right time. Hence, I decided to start my own business with a vision relying on the following key concepts:

– Building an ethical corporate culture among all key stakeholders with solid long-term partnership, developing Key brands accompanied with best in class leadership and capability.

– Drive Effective GTM (Go To Market), Brand Push and Pull.

– Give back to Society.

The above three concepts drove my passion for building IPC Group and acquiring Brand Partners (A  merchandising and trade execution agency that was launched in June 2006).

After the successful acquisition of Brand Partners, my primary objective was to build a culture before I do business; this is where the HOTTRUST term came into the picture:

A culture of  Honesty, Openness, Transparency, Team,  Respect,  Understanding,  Support and  Time.

At IPC, the number one value we bring to ourselves, to our stakeholders and society is our values of  HOTTRUST. This Culture is in the heart and mind of every decision we take, and it comes first before any commercial agenda.

My second objective after endorsing the  HOTTRUST culture is to bring capable leaders who can successfully deliver value to our business partners.

IPC provides business solutions for different industries, such as FMCG, Telecom, Electronics, and Home Appliances.

IPC subsidiaries are owned 100% by IPC, and our winning formula is the affinity between the different subsidiaries, we all share the same culture, and we all believe in lifetime learning to deliver a successful journey that impacts our lives and business.

Either you work with  Brand Partners – Trade and Execution Excellence, or  We Supply – Supplies delivered at your door, or  Catalist – Improving Human Efficiency & Digital Marketing, or  Hayyak– Business Facilitator; you will experience the same quality and excellence footprint under IPC Group of companies.

At IPC we don’t want to be a “me too” corporation. We are different, and we will continue to stretch our limits, reaching for higher goals, innovating and striving for more top results versus our competitors. We have the advantage to be a 100% Saudi Company with solid local market experience accompanied with global exposure.

I am kindly inviting you to know more about our 700+ Team Members by visiting IPC Companies.

IPC Managing Director

Mazen Abdulaal